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Is this thing on? [SURVIVAL LAUNCHED!]
Started by Periys

Hey there!

We're really excited to be announcing the return of two things. The first thing is… the server is back! Isn't that awesome? Please take some time to come say hello to the community by joining baldymc.com from your favourite Minecraft client. We support versions 1.17.1+. The team have worked really hard on the server to make it as fun and as engaging as possible, whilst adding a custom and personal flair to the gameplay. We really hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

But you don't just want to jump around in a hub, do you? Our hub looks pretty cool, so I guess I understand.


BIG THING Nº 2... We have launched our first game mode, Survival. You heard me, it's up right now, go and explore!

Still here? Tough sell, huh. Okay, let me explain — this isn't any normal Survival server - this is Survival to the next level, with thousands more possibilities than your standard Survival server (and you won't need to download one of those bulky mod packs either). What makes BaldyMC Survival different? What a great question, let's answer it with a few things we like the most (you'll have to find the rest yourself):

  • Awesome custom items with custom recipes 🗒️
  • Machinery that makes redstone look like children's building blocks
  • Guns! Vehicles! Diamond finder potions! Music! 🎼
  • Daily rewards - log in every day and win big. You don't have to pay a cent to still have a good time here.
  • Beautiful and varied terrain generation which ensures you'll be content in exploring for hours at a time.
  • Custom tools and armour, who cares about diamonds and netherite these days? Try ruby or bronze for size.
  • Custom achievements to keep gameplay fresh ♻️
  • Beautiful custom textures ✨
  • A player-ran marketplace. You can trade, you can set up personal shops or flog something on the auction house. It's up to you. 🏬
  • "Can I get a TP?" - urgh, don't you just hate asking that question? Introducing player warps! Set one up and anyone can warp to you, just like that.
  • Steak, cooked chicken, cake? 😐Boring, right? How about sushi or pizza? Now you're talking.
  • Become an alchemist with the Philosopher's Stone!
  • Sick of sitting on staircases? Build some furniture and take a seat, at last. 💺

There's so much more I could write, but you'll have so much more fun by exploring it all yourself and finding out everything you can about the new way to play BaldyMC Survival! Our team have worked so hard to bring this to release, a huge thanks to all of the people that spent so much time doing this — and another thanks to our awesome beta testers!

BaldyMC Survival


Something broken? 

Tell us! We know you'll find bugs, so let us know about them 👉 here.

We really hope you enjoy the server and we're so excited to be back. Keep checking back here to learn more about the events we're planning to run soon!

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Meow :D


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maybe @lumboc will finally let me out of his basement after writing that

wonder who built that spawn 🤔🤔🤔

CraCraTwixyJa (__Ja):
BaldyMC Build Team Manager & Manager💛

wonder who built that spawn 🤔🤔🤔

it is so beautiful